2nd Edition Commercial Applications for Additive Manufacturing

Moving Towards Production: Developing Strategies to Integrate Additive Manufacturing into your Business Model for Profit Boosting Results

9-11 February 2015, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The second edition of this exclusive marcus evans conference will provide you with best-in-class case studies of how additive manufacturing can be effectively implemented within existing business models. From top industry experts representing leading companies you will learn how to build a financially viable business case for additive manufacturing, overcome major commercial and technical challenges and gain competitive advantage by leveraging new technological capabilities.

Additive Manufacturing has the ability to revolutionize how companies do business. The design freedom that it allows means new products can be created that push the boundaries of what is possible. If companies develop the capability to use additive manufacturing efficiently and successfully, reducing and eliminating technical errors, then these new products need not just be experimental prototypes but products immediately ready to be sold to the consumer. It is by pursuing excellence within additive manufacturing that allows the move from prototyping to production to be achieved and a whole new world of commercial opportunities to be accessed.

Key topics

  • Overcome the major technical challenges of moving towards serial production
  • Advanced strategic planning to make additive manufacturing an integral part of your business model
  • Bolster your additive manufacturing process, increase production outputs and improve efficiency
  • Establish process and quality controls to improve end product result
  • Discover and discuss the new possibilities available to your business through additive manufacturing

For more information about the event and to book your please visit the event website or contact Kristiyan Sokolov.